Spanish translation of Play framework documentation is ready!

Note: this article is also available in spanish.

We have finally completed the translation of the play framework site, you can reach it at

It was just three months ago that we announced on the play framework spanish google group ( that together with a couple of colleagues we were starting the translation of Play Framework documentation, and we also invited all spanish-speaking Play users to join us.

Play Framework in Spanish

Play Framework in Spanish

Today, while we are waiting for the Play 2.0 release, thanks to the collaboration of several developers from Latin America and Spain, we can finally announce that we completed the translation of all Play Framework documentation.

Here you have the links:

Main page:

If you happen to live in one of the countries whom google denies access to Google Application Engine (I wonder what happened to the “don’t be evil” mantra) we have deployed a copy of the site at openshift:

Play 2.0 announcement:

We’d like to thank @rodriguezlaurag and @mfmontanari from Argentina, @gualtrapa from Spain, @pjquero from Venezuela and @alfonsokim from Mexico, and also to the developers of the japanese translation of play framework site, @garbagetown and @ikeike443, whose work we shamelessly forked 😉

We hope you enjoy it, and that this site might help spread the word about this wonderful framework among Spanish speaking developers all over the world.


Sas (follow me on @develsas)


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